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Our approach

Every client is different and unique, and as a result, the marketing policy that we develop and implement for your business is equally unique. Nevertheless, we do adopt a consistent approach, Lupa U-PRO, which consists of the following elements/steps:

  • Understand
  • Plan & Orchestrate
  • Implement
  • Optimize


We make sure we have a clear overview of your organisation’s goals. After all, a marketing strategy is not an objective but a means. It should contribute to your corporate objectives. We ensure we truly understand what your product and/or service is all about, and how you aim to position it. Once we’ve got a clear insight into your organisation, your product and/or service, and your plans, we can go ahead and select the most suitable marketing resources.

Plan & Orchestrate

We then develop a plan in which all the different marketing tools complement and reinforce each other.


And finally, we implement this plan. Depending on its content, we have a closer look at your website’s ranking in search engines, and we promote it to your target audience. How? Through online and mobile advertising campaigns, press releases, blog posts, testimonials and free publicity. We are active on social media, share knowledge via white papers, seminars and webinars, and we organise round tables. We also communicate with important influencers, we write newsletters and we build a database of suspects and prospects, which we populate with relevant information at specific times. We take full responsibility for your marketing policy, and orchestrate various tools and actions to ultimately reach the best results for your business.


We monitor our efforts, expenses and results. At all times. We also meticulously keep track of our progress towards the intended results. We measure reactions, leads, clicks and conversions, and change course when necessary. Our ultimate goal? To achieve optimum results! Or simply put, the best Return On Investment for your marketing efforts and budget.